Who We Are?

About Karma

We at Karma believe that the power of communication lies in the message. We have been building meaningful message strategies since 2012, mostly working with startups. We understand the mindset of corporates and startups alike and are able to pour the essence of your next big thing into a language that speaks to your audience. We are currently in the process of cooking up a few startups ourselves.

What We Do?


Startup communications

We will take your startup idea and break it down to pieces, only to reassemble it with a story attached to each and every piece. We will give meaning to concepts far out of reach for the average person off the street to create understanding on what you do and why it matters.

Message strategy

The success of your communication efforts is determined by which messages, where and how your organisation addresses its target groups. Karma will help you craft those messages in a way that best serves your organizations interests.

Internal communication

Your employees are your most valuable possessions. We at Karma have long-term experience in managing internal communications for organisations big and small. We can help you with creating an internal communication agenda that makes your employees feel committed, motivated and valued.

Copywriting and storytelling

We have been writing for both internal and external audiences for many years and are able to construct content that is both effective and powerful. We create meaningful texts in both English and Estonian.

Business development

We are ready to get our hands dirty in business ventures where the help of a bit of a communication touch is needed. We believe that positioning is key when launching new businesses.

What We Have Done?


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